Toxic Ties That No Longer Bind

Is it time to distance myself from my family?

For me, that answer is yes.

Look, I am pretty much a non-participant in this family.  Most family relationships are either strained or non-existent.  That also includes most extended family and family friends. I don’t go to family functions due to my parents’ smear campaigns and not feeling welcome.  I don’t celebrate the holidays. I can’t remember the last time I have said, “Happy Mother’s Day or Happy Father’s Day. I need to distance myself from this toxic family dynamic.

Recognizing the Situation for What It Is

I have never felt like a member of my family in my lifetime. I do know what it is like to be treated like the family slave, doormat, ATM, and completely looked over.  I also believe my brother is keeping in touch with my abusive ex-husband based on random questions asked by my parents and his name being mentioned still after several years of being divorced. The situation is what it is.  My ex can have my family…I’m done.

I can’t say there was ever a final straw.  My decision has more to do with finding inner strength and knowing my worth.  I realized I deserved better, especially after suffering abuse from my ex-husband and having a non-supportive family of origin to boot. I was able to experience freedom and confidence for the first time in a long time after recovering from the abuse heaped on me by my ex-husband.  That was a major milestone in my recovery.

I now feel like this is the final battle in a bloody war. It’s a battle I intend to and will win. All I need to do is clear out the clutter.

The Game Plan

What are my plans?  Simple…just walk away, close the door behind me and look ahead. Here’s to new beginnings…

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