The Mask Comes Off – Triangulation

Triangulation is a passive aggressive indirect form or direct form of communication where the narcissist carries messages (an altered truth or an outright lie) between the narcissist's victim/supply and another person or people to recruit an accomplice (flying monkey) to gang up on the narcissist's victim/supply to further their agenda. Triangulation is also used to elicit jealousy and insecurity … Continue reading The Mask Comes Off – Triangulation

The Mask Comes Off – Projection

Narcissists have a tough time with self-reflection and personal accountability so they project their inner ugliness elsewhere. More specifically, they will project onto their victim/supply. A narcissist's supply is not seen as a person by the narcissist, but an extension of the narcissist.  This makes the victim/supply a perfect scapegoat. This helps the narcissist to keep his/her "perfect" … Continue reading The Mask Comes Off – Projection