Right Out of A Lifetime Movie: Flashback Sunday

I am sitting here on a beautiful yet cold Sunday afternoon watching a movie, “Newlywed and Dead” on Lifetime. In one scene, the wife of the villain tracks down her husband’s ex-girlfriend and oh boy.

The ex-girlfriend answers the door walking with a cane and invites the villain’s wife into her apartment. She began to explain what happened to her and why she is walking with a cane.  She began her story by talking about how great her now ex-boyfriend was at first and after a while, he started doing things.  She also explained her known “skiing accident” never happened and what really happened was not an accident….love bombing and physical abuse. My reaction…Say huh? Damn!


At that point, I thought about an incident I had in the kitchen soon after marrying the narcissist. I was cleaning out the sink and reached into the garbage disposal to make sure no foreign objects had washed down before turning on the disposal. My ex-husband, the narcissist walked into the kitchen and stood behind me.  In an instant, he turned on the garbage disposal before I could pull my hand completely out.  Thank goodness my hand was not far enough down into the disposal to be cut by the blades. The narc didn’t apologize. He laughed and basically told me to get over it as he walked away.


Right out of a Lifetime movie….now back to “Newlywed and Dead”.

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