So, you have been discarded. How does it feel?  Awful, I know.  Been there done that. Being discarded is a victory. Why is that?  Let’s take a look.

  1. The daily insanity has been reduced dramatically or completely stopped.  You should take this time to celebrate the silence. In these moments, you may find clarity and focus. This is also a good time to go “no contact”.
  2. Your home is now your refuge. No one should be afraid in their own home. No one should be uncomfortable in their own home. No narc no discomfort.
  3. The narcissist is now someone else’s problem.  Do not concern yourself as to whether the narcissist is happy with his new victim nor should you allow yourself to get drawn back into the narc vortex by trying to make contact with the new supply. It is not your responsibility to try and warn the new supply.  Your responsibility is your well-being or you and your kids’ well-being if children are involved.
  4. Personal enrichment and new adventures await. This is a good one.  This your opportunity to begin healing and build You 2.0….the new and improved you.
  5. The door is now open for the right person.  This speaks for itself.  I would like to suggest seeking the help of professional to heal your emotional wounds and try to determine what in you attracted the narc and why you were attracted to the narc. Knowledge is power.

The list above also applies to narcissistic abuse victims who have discarded their narcissist.  Remember to stay strong.  You don’t have anything to be ashamed of.



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