Acknowledging the Wins: It’s Monday, and I am Winning!

Acknowledging the wins is in the same vein as positive self-affirmations and reinforcements. It is a great self-esteem builder and reinforces the power of positive thinking. I used acknowledgments and affirmations frequently to keep me from swimming in negativity after suffering narc abuse.

A win can be anything. It can be going “no contact” with a narcissist abuser, paying off debt, picking up a new hobby, or taking a spa day. All of those things are great and should be acknowledged to encourage a positive lifestyle and positive thought. Remember this quote?


I lived by this when trying to beat out the darkness in my life. I don’t believe for one minute I would have succeeded by wallowing in my misery. Here I am several years after surviving narc abuse, a happy person living out my dreams. I still look at my accomplishments at least once a month.  It keeps me focused on the positive and encourages me to keep moving towards my goals. With that, below is a list on my wins.


  1. I am building my handbag design business.  It has allowed me to get back to doing what I love, drawing and creating. I have been working on this business for almost a year, and things are moving along.
  2. I am waaaaaaaaaaaay happier these days. How do I know? I can’t create or draw if I am unhappy.  My creativity comes from my soul. A soul in turmoil leaves a blank sheet of paper in my sketchpad so I am constantly feeding my soul positive thought and self-talk.
  3. I am back at the gym.  This is another love of mine.
  4. I pulled off a photo shoot for my handbag line on Saturday. It was great! I couldn’t stop smiling on the way home.
  5. Before I go, I wanted to give one win an honorable mention.  The discard was a win. My wins began with my ex-husband’s exit.

I know firsthand that recovering from narc abuse can be a long hard road. There were days I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.   I felt completely immobilized until I started acknowledging what was right in my life.




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