The Mask Comes Off – The Discard

Not much to say here. My ex-husband came home after the holidays and asked for a divorce.  He told me he wanted a divorce because I loved the house more than him. I thought that was a silly reason, but ok I will go with that. He gave me the divorce papers, and I signed them.   I was ready to rid myself of this misery, and it was clear to me that my ex-husband never respected me as a person or as his wife.

The divorce was final 3 months later. We shared the same house until he moved away.  He did have the misguided belief that I was supposed to behave like his wife post-divorce….cooking, etc. Yeah, that was not happening. Pardon me, sir, I am not your caretaker.

Can you pay this?

We did have an interesting conversation about assets.  He said I could keep the fitness equipment in the basement if I buy him new fitness equipment.  LOL…nope! He also asked me about his car insurance for the first time.  Remember, I was paying for his insurance because he was on my policy. He wanted me to continue paying.  LOL…nope!



Before leaving, he told me he knows he is going to have to answer for what he has done one day. That was before he decided to run back and tell me all the things his friends had to say about me. Apparently, they thought I was not supportive of him. I asked him why did his friends say those things. He said he didn’t know and then I asked, “Did you tell them the truth about what happened?” He told me I was the only one that cared about that.  I guess so. His statement was explanation enough for his friends’ and family’s behavior.  Doesn’t matter though…they are still responsible for their actions.

Recommended Reading and Vlog: The Discard by Susan Williams  and Narcissistic Discard by Kim Wilson TV

2 thoughts on “The Mask Comes Off – The Discard

  1. I’m not sure they continue to fool everyone all the time with their version of things. Yes, there will always be twits and narcissist devotees who are irrational. But I wonder if there are more than a few in the N’s circle who start to see through their stories. If she’s so mentally ill, why were you so hot to marry her? If she’s so mean and awful, why don’t you get a divorce? And so on. More than a few may start to see through them.


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