Managing Myself – Closing the Door For Good

So, I know you are wondering why I kept in contact with my ex. I did it because I was going to sue him. I needed to find out where he was staying when he was back in town so I could have him served.  I backed off because I realized being in contact with him was more damaging to me. I chose peace so I blocked him on my phone, unfriended him on Facebook and deleted him as a contact on LinkedIn.

That didn’t stop him from following me on Twitter or on a message board I used to frequent.  I am not sure why he would.  He said long ago that he would accept me severing all ties with him.  I guess that was not true. This year contact was initiated.  It was my fault.  I posted my dog’s, his former dog’s obituary.  That opened a dialogue.  I felt really uncomfortable messaging with him on Twitter.  I literally felt sick to my stomach. I stopped replying to his questions abruptly.

A few months later, he sends me a message.  The message was sent 2 am or 3 am.  I didn’t open it, but I could see it was a link to a news story about one of my favorite TV shows. I was actually baffled about the late night message since he has a wife and infant child. Smelled like hoovering and a triangulation attempt to me. Anyhow, I didn’t reply nor did I open the message.


June or July of this year, I started getting some strange followers on Twitter at the same time.  All 3 of them were women, and they were from the same city where my ex is now living.  Coincidence? New friends and family? Maybe, maybe not. Those same women stop following me after a tweet. All 3 at the same time. Not sure what was going on so I blocked my ex on Twitter.  I am too old for that crap and do not have the time or the patience for it. Boy Bye!

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