Managing Myself – Closing the Door For Good

So, I know you are wondering why I kept in contact with my ex. I did it because I was going to sue him. I needed to find out where he was staying when he was back in town so I could have him served.  I backed off because I realized being in contact with him was more damaging to me. I chose peace so I blocked him on my phone, unfriended him on Facebook and deleted him as a contact on LinkedIn.

That didn’t stop him from following me on Twitter or on a message board I used to frequent.  I am not sure why he would.  He said long ago that he would accept me severing all ties with him.  I guess that was not true. This year contact was initiated.  It was my fault.  I posted my dog’s, his former dog’s obituary.  That opened a dialogue.  I felt really uncomfortable messaging with him on Twitter.  I literally felt sick to my stomach. I stopped replying to his questions abruptly.

A few months later, he sends me a message.  The message was sent 2 am or 3 am.  I didn’t open it, but I could see it was a link to a news story about one of my favorite TV shows. I was actually baffled about the late night message since he has a wife and infant child. Smelled like hoovering and a triangulation attempt to me. Anyhow, I didn’t reply nor did I open the message.


June or July of this year, I started getting some strange followers on Twitter.  All 3 of them were women, and they were from the same city where my ex is now living.  Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Those same women stop following me after a tweet. All 3 at the same time. With that, I blocked my ex on Twitter.  I am not interested in any potential drama especially on a Twitter account I use for business. Boy Bye!

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