In Defense of Me – Fighting Back

My ex-husband and I argued a lot.  There were many tears shed during my marriage.  There were days I would call in sick to work because I was so torn apart on the inside. Other days,  I would cry all the way to work and sit in the parking lot crying until I could get myself together. After one of the many arguments, I decided I needed to leave…so I did.

I stayed the night at my parents’ house. No one bothered me.  I walked into my old room and locked the door.  I didn’t come out until the next morning.   It turns out leaving was a great idea.  It was a mini detox from the toxic environment of my marital home and marriage.

The next day I returned home after work. My ex-narc started in on me.  This time I fired back and did not let up. My emotions were taken out of the argument.  I stuck with the facts only.  “I feel” and “I felt” days were over. He tried deflecting…didn’t work.  He tried to pull what he could from the narcissist playbook…didn’t work.  I realized he couldn’t make a valid argument about anything.  It sounded like he was trying to argue someone else’s point. He eventually said that I kept turning things around on him.  That couldn’t happen if he was telling the truth.


I felt pretty good after that argument.  Subsequent arguments ended the same way or he would say, “Fair enough.”


One thought on “In Defense of Me – Fighting Back

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