The Mask Comes Off – Intimidation

A narcissist will use intimidation to try to gain control of his supply or to make them submit. My ex-husband was a bully and tried to frighten me into submission twice.


His first attempt happened one day after work. He was angry when he walked in the door.  He started yelling at me, and I just did not know why.  It was very bizarre.  I tried walking away, but he followed me all through the house.  He was so close that my ears were ringing.  He was not letting up. He eventually backed me up against a wall in the kitchen while yelling in my face. I thought he was going to hit me so I fought back. He backed off and immediately turned into the victim as all narcs do.

The next episode happened towards the end of the marriage.  This time he had me cornered in the bedroom. The same as the first episode.  He was yelling loudly and being very aggressive.  I felt like it was time to stop cowering in the corner.   He backed off once he realized I was prepared to fight my way out of the bedroom. He again turned into the victim. He threatened to call my father.  I told him to go ahead. I would like to hear him explain to my father why I came after him.  He then said he was going to call the sheriff.  I told him to do it since I was defending myself. He didn’t call nor did he try that again.

Recommended Reading: Five Types of Physical Abuse Narcissists Use on Spouses, By Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

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